General Warranty Information

The following Limited Warranty Information applies to a specific product, Freedom Guardian, when purchased directly from Medical Guardian LLC (via or a direct employee of Medical Guardian). Medical Guardian products purchased via third party websites or retailers are not covered by these terms.

Freedom Guardian Warranty Information

FREEDOM GUARDIAN LIMITED WARRANTY INFORMATION. Company warrants the System and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of receipt. The warranty does not cover against normal wear and tear, nor damages caused by accident or abuse. Call Company to obtain service. Subject to the full terms available at if a valid claim is submitted under this warranty, Company will either repair, replace, or refund the System per its own discretion. Warranty benefits work in conjunction with rights provided under local consumer laws.

Equipment Provided by Medical Guardian

Except for Freedom Guardian, equipment is provided by Medical Guardian for service plans obtained directly from Medical Guardian LLC (via or a direct employee of Medical Guardian). These units are owned by Medical Guardian and are located at the Subscriber’s premise, since there is no other way to monitor the system without the system and accessories. Medical Guardian, at its own discretion, will replace any system or accessories for issues pertaining to defects in materials and workmanship so long as an active service plan is maintained. Medical Guardian does not cover against normal wear and tear, nor damages caused by accident or abuse. See Protection Plan Terms and Conditions immediately below for additional information about obtaining coverage for wear and tear, damages and loss of equipment.

Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

Medical Guardian offers an optional Protection Plan for our entire product line. The Protection Plan is available as a paid add-on with a recurring monthly charge which varies by product. This Protection Plan is not an Insurance Contract.

Medical, LLC (“Medical Guardian”), 1818 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 is the obligor, provider and administrator of this Protection Plan.

  1. Coverage. The Protection Plan covers all purchased or leased Medical Guardian equipment, such as system consoles and transmitters (“Covered Product”).

  2. Eligibility. The Protection Plan is available to all new and existing Medical Guardian customers. You represent that the Covered Product is in proper operating condition at the start of the Protection Plan’s coverage and that your account with Medical Guardian is current and in good standing.

  3. Cost. The Cost for this Protection Plan will be charged to you consistent with the payment terms of your current Medical Guardian Monitoring Agreement (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually).

  4. What is Covered. This Protection Plan covers replacement of your Covered Product for problems necessitated by functional part failures, lost or theft. This Protection Plan specifically covers damage to the Covered Product due to defect, malfunction, accidental damage, normal wear and tear. Medical Guardian will replace your Covered Product with a new, used or refurbished one of like kind and quality; like kind and quality is determined by Medical Guardian.

  5. Exclusions from Coverage. This Protection Plan does not cover:
    • Service, maintenance, repair or replacement due to any loss resulting from use other than normal use and beyond Medical Guardian’s normal control such as: damage due to misuse and abuse;
    • Commercial use which is any use other than single-family household use;
    • Any component or Covered Product that has been opened, tampered with, repaired, or otherwise accessed by anyone other than an authorized representative of Medical Guardian;
    • Service, maintenance, repair or replacement outside of the Continental United States.
  6. Customer’s Promises and Assurances. To keep this Protection Plan in effect, you promise and assure:
    • Full cooperation with Medical Guardian Client Services agents and authorized service providers during diagnosis and repair of the Covered Product;
    • That the Covered Product is not used for business or commercial purposes;
    • That you will keep your account with Medical Guardian in good standing;
    • To not mislead, defraud, or make any misrepresentation to Medical Guardian;
    • To not falsify any related documents or records;
    • To fully disclose all relevant information and fully cooperate with Medical Guardian regarding repair or replacement of the Covered Product; and
    • Protect your Covered Product from any further damage and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.
  7. Replacement.
    • Covered Product Replacement. To request the replacement of your Covered Product under this Protection Plan or to request assistance, contact Medical Guardian Client Services by telephone at 800-313-1191 or by e-mail at Medical Guardian will send a replacement Covered Product within 3-5 business days. You will be required to return the defective Covered Product to the address provided to you by Medical Guardian. Shipping will be provided by Medical Guardian. You will not be charged a fee for your replacement Covered Product.
    • Troubleshooting. Prior to replacement of a defective Covered Product, Medical Guardian requires trouble-shooting with the Medical Guardian Client Services Department to verify failure. If Medical Guardian determines, in its sole discretion, that the problem is not covered under this Protection Plan, no replacement will be offered.
    • Limitation on Replacement. Under this Protection Plan, Medical Guardian permits replacement of one (1) system console and two (2) transmitters per year. Medical Guardian reserves the right to terminate this Protection Plan if it determines in its sole discretion that you have engaged in abuse or other improper conduct.
  8. Coverage Period. Your coverage begins when Medical Guardian receives your first Protection Plan payment and will continue consistent with the payment terms of your current Medical Guardian Monitoring Agreement payment cycle (monthly, quarterly or annually) until canceled by you or terminated by Medical Guardian. The protections provided under this Protection Plan supersede any existing warranty.

  9. Cancellation. Upon enrollment in the Protection Plan, you have three (3) days to cancel without
    charge for the impending month. Medical Guardian may cancel the Protection Plan at any time. Should Medical Guardian cancel the Protection Plan, Medical Guardian will mail a written notice to you at your last known address at least fifteen (15) days prior to cancellation. To learn more about canceling your Protection Plan subscription, contact Medical Guardian’s Client Services team by phone at (800) 313-1191, or email at customerservice@

  10. Renewal. Medical Guardian will continue to bill you for the Protection Plan consistent with your payment cycle (monthly, quarterly or annually) at the then-current price until you notify Medical Guardian of your desire to cancel.

  11. Modification. Terms of this Protection Plan may not be modified, except in writing by Medical Guardian.

  12. Protection Plan Limitations.
    • Non-Original Equipment Manufacturer and Remanufactured Parts. Replacement units with genuine factory parts will be used whenever possible; however, the use of non-original equipment manufacturer and remanufactured parts is allowed under this Protection Plan.
    • Limitation of Liability. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the liability of Medical Guardian, if any, for any allegedly defective Covered Product or part shall be limited to replacement of the Covered Product or part. THIS IS YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY UNDER THE PROTECTION PLAN.
    • Damages. IN NO EVENT WILL Medical Guardian BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RELATING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TO THIS PROTECTION PLAN. Nor will Medical Guardian be responsible for any damages caused by the failure of any Covered Product or other equipment or item.
    • Warranties. This Protection Plan is your sole express warranty with respect to the Covered Product(s), including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which are hereby expressly excluded.
    • eNon-Transferrable. This Protection Plan is non-transferrable.