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Welcome to Medical Guardian!

Our mission is to empower our customers and their loved ones to live a life without limits. To us that means providing a full range of services that put safety & security front and center. Our Medical Alert devices are user-friendly, customizable, and fit all lifestyles.

How It All Started

Our company started when our CEO and Founder, Geoff Gross, wanted to keep his beloved grandmother, Freda, safe. Since that time, our passion and determination to protect others has grown. Currently, more than 600,000 people stand in our circle of protection.

For us, it's about empowering our customers to age how they want. After all, they earned the right! Wearing our alerts keeps people active because they feel more confident and protected, and their loved ones can worry less.


Online Member Portal

All medical alert devices come with a full-scope member portal, that can be shared with caregivers or loved ones. The portal interacts with your medical device and can track activity, set reminders, provide battery updates, and much more. Plus, it's available via an app.

Customer Service

Our team is award-winning, and we ensure all your product questions can be quickly answered with our dedicated device support website. When emergency help is needed, we have 24/7 monitoring centers with trained emergency operators ready.

Supporting You

Medical alert devices and fall detection technology can play a vital role supporting independence, aging in place, dignity, and quality of life. As our aging population continues to grow, the need for medical alert devices will become more pressing. To ensure we offer protection for everyone, we have expanded our reach to include both Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Dual eligible members.

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We Care About What You Think

Like Geoff's grandmother, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do. Hear what they have to say.

Nan D.

"Thank you for being there when I need you."

Dennis S.

"I wear it around my neck and it's with me all the time, it's like wearing insurance."

Robert M.

"With Medical Guardian I know that help is just as close as my hand."

Anna W.

"Whether my aunt is alone at home, or falls during an incident, she's able to get immediate attention."

Mrs. Roper

"Thank you all for taking such good care of my husband."

Alan L.

"We didn't want the cheapest, we wanted the best. We made the right choice with Medical Guardian."

Not All Medical Alert Companies Are Alike

The choice to purchase an alert with us is an important one. You want to feel good about the choice and our company. It's a potentially life-saving service, after all. Ensuring customers are happy with us is one of our core values. Here are the rest:

Our Five Core Values
Members Above All Else

We make every decision and take every action with the benefit of our members in mind.

Innovation As Our Motivation

We challenge ourselves everyday to improve our technology, products, and services.

Passion For Purpose

We care deeply about the impact of the services we provide and the communities we support.

Building Meaningful Relationships

We invest time and energy into creating genuine connections with our customers, partners, and team.

Excellence in Results

We strive to deliver the highest-quality performance, growth, and results across our business.

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Happy Employees Mean
Happy Members

Inside Medical Guardian, we do our best to hire the right people. In the words of our CEO, Happy people make happy members. We hire people who already believe in our mission and can uphold it. That gives us all a common belief. Everyone understands that what we do matters, which makes it easier to sustain a company culture that's friendly, community-based and growth oriented.

We Are A Company
That Gives Back

We value volunteerism and build in time for employees to give back to the organizations that matter most to them! As a company, we get together to participate in volunteer opportunities directly related to our mission at places like Philabundance and local Senior Centers.


Products And Services

We have a device to fit every lifestyle and personal aesthetic. We dedicate endless hours to researching new products, asking for feedback from customers, and learning how to improve our devices and services. It's no surprise that it's a winning combination.

Meet The Team

Who are responsible for driving our innovative, forward-thinking approach to the medical alert industry.

Matthew Guerrieri

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Prough

Chief Commercial Officer

Eliza Salerno

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Simmermon

Chief Information Officer

Robert Smedley

Chief Sales Officer

Jim Spencer

EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Karina Brodsky

Vice President of Information Technology

Jennifer Fernandez

Vice President of Human Resources

Derek Gerberich

Vice President of Marketing

Bryan Johnson

Vice President of Information Technology (CISO)

Jennifer Sali

Vice President of Customer Care

Howard Teicher

Vice President of Healthcare
& Business Development

Resources And More

We update our website often and offer several resources for caregivers and customers.

Our Blog

Why Invest in a Medical
Alert Device

The idea that medical alert systems with emergency buttons are only for older adults or those who struggle with physical impairment is a misconception.

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