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We specialize in dealing with providers of all sizes to set them up for success within the industry. Healthcare channel partners can come to us in three different segments.


PERS Providers (Existing and New)

Companies that are looking for a turnkey solution in order to grow their business. Medical Guardian can provide them a cost-effective way to offer the latest hardware, backend platforms, consumer-facing portals, and marketing materials, to help them successfully launch and grow their businesses, and most importantly increase profits on the bottom line.

Hospital-based Providers

Local, regional, and national hospital systems that are looking to build our services into part of their facilities’ overarching wellness plans that may include services at the time of discharge, physical therapy needs, fall prevention, and related health preventative services.


Senior Living

Senior living facilities are looking for ways to keep residents healthy and living longer within their own networks, our platform and program offer solutions to monitor both high and low-risk residents. Due to our comprehensive data structure, valuable information can be collected and provided to residents, doctors, and health plans as part of their ongoing patient care.


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Our Healthcare Partner Summit is about collaboration, improvement, and progress. We listen generously to our partners to provide valuable innovations and tools that empower them to best serve their customers while enhancing their experience working with us. To learn more about 2023 Annual Healthcare Partner Summit, submit your email below.

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Medical Guardian has made a significant investment in its proprietary, state of the art partner portal.

Intuitive portal allows partners to:
  • Develop reporting customization, including subscriber tests, notifications on emergencies, device type, activity, third-party notifiers.
  • Features differentiating this portal from others are complete management, the ability to order equipment, 24/7 with 48-hour delivery, installation in the field, perpetual history, and event logs.

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From easy equipment ordering to managing all your subscriber records, ours simply does what others can't.


We offer the latest, most advanced product solutions that both you and your subscriber need and have them available when you need them the most


Customized pricing models for your program make you more profitable and competitive within the market landscape


From on-demand reporting to customized marketing materials, everything you need is available at your fingertips